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NickyT75 months ago

Hi there... I have examined your lathe - well done. It's good.

Let me ask you this please...

What I need is to make a "lathe" which will push (automatically) a 5' piece of spinning plastic pipe of 1.5" diameter into a stationary cutter to give me an "endless" stream of plastic tape. The width of the tape would be either the thickness of the plastic pipe wall, (that would be with a cutter perpendicular to the tube) or a little wider (that would be with the cutter tool set at an angle to the tube). It doesn't matter. The tape needs to be less than a millimeter thick.

I'm sure you have better things to do that actually design such a thing for me, so here's a few secondary questions.

1. I see from your instructions there is an Amazon chuck - nice.

2. What about a device on a worm drive (?) to push the spinning pipe towards the cutter?

3. What is around to keep the plastic pipe from flexing? (Bit like the hanger brackets on an automobile drive shaft......)

4. This is what I'M thinking ...... there'll be a motor spinning a little threaded device (like a bearing but with threads inside to match a threaded rod). That little threaded bearing thingy (let's call it), is now spinning being driven by a belt from the motor. The threaded rod is sticking out the back end so to speak. Call that back end the tail end. The other end is chucked (?) attached (?) to the end of the plastic pipe. So now I have the pipe moving towards the cutter. This concept has a major fault..... I'm now moving the threaded rod and thus the pipe towards the cutter, but the pipe itself isn't spinning. DARN IT!

It must be possible to arrange TWO rods ... one in the center of the pipe which is the spinning rod, and one slightly off-set which is the pushing rod.

catwood (author)  NickyT75 months ago
What kind of pipe are you trying to cut with this? What is the tape going to be used for?

I might have some ideas I can explain in more detail later.
evrk6 years ago
hey, your ant one was pretty funny and very straightforward. i like it.
what kind of ants did you end up putting in it / did it end up working well?
thanks for the post.