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July 22, 2008
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  • How to Get Your Betta to Live Longer!

    This is a horrifyingly misinformed tutorial and I urge you to research proper beta care and amend it. Granted, betas are uniformly treated as decorations rather than living things, so your misinformation probably comes from the long line of pet store employees who don't know/care either, and not from you not genuinely caring about your fish. To start, a tank needs to be minimum 5 gallons and have way more foliage for beta to interact/hide in. They are beautiful, yes, but a bare tank is the care equivalent of a zoo animal in an empty metal cage. They get very bored and stressed because of this and end up dying young. If you've had 5 fish in 4 years in this tiny, empty tank, I guarantee they died from stress and not age.Again, not saying you don't love your fish, but that you have been mislead about there care and please learn the facts if you intend to create tutorials for others to learn from. Hopefully you will take this to heart and do some research and your beta will end up living longer and happier for it.

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