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  • cheekygeek commented on ThomasJ1's instructable Wireless All Sky Camera4 weeks ago
    Wireless All Sky Camera

    Thanks for sharing this great instructable. I have a couple of questions:1) would it be possible to make this using the new WiFi/BlueTooth Raspberry Pi Zero W? See: https://arstechnica.com/information-technology/201...2) I'm curious about substituting cameras. Rather than time lapse still shots, is there a camera that could do the same with video (to capture meteors/fireballs, for example)?3) What are the attributes one looks for in a good camera for an all-sky system? If color is not important, does one mostly look at sensor size/ LUX sensitivity /signal-to-noise ratio?

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  • A Self-Contained Data Logging Anemometer

    This is terrific! I have an unused Vector Instruments A100LM anemometer that I would like to turn into a wind speed logger on a mobile mesonet (my car). Info here (if it lets me add links): http://www.windspeed.co.uk/ws/index.php?option=displaypage&op=page&Itemid=52 Would I be able to make this work with your homebrew data logger? Thanks for any reply!

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