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sanmlight3 years ago
can you post it or can you send it to my email (oliveros1777@yahoo.com) your new code so i can test it also. thanks
sanmlight3 years ago
How is your testing?
sanmlight3 years ago
Hi chuksthewoundy,

Any update with your testing and circuit with Op Amp?
chuksthewoundy (author)  sanmlight3 years ago
I want to add a feedback compensation to the circuit so as to have a constant output voltage. Still working on it. i will post the update when it is done .
AmateurGus3 years ago
Thanks for offering your help, i really need it. I have more questions ;)
1.- What if i feed the circuit with 24V, how does that change the driver and power stages? does it affect the PIC programing?
2.- T2 transformer Voltage should always match feeding voltage? or in T2 i can put a 36V transformer or 48V for example?
3.- With the use of 8Mhz Crystal as you did, C7 and C8 are 20pF still? if so, the crystal should be rated at how many pF?
Sorry to shower with with questions, but this is really important to me and my skills are growing but I'm still pretty much an amateur as you can see.
Thnaks in advance my dear friend, and pls don't be mad if i continue to ask for your input. :)