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sfsouter1 year ago

This is great! I realize this in a little off topic, but do you have any understanding of how I might make this work with a Mac based iTunes library in place of Windows? Any pointers of how to start down a similar path? I've used XBMC historically but after updating to Mythtv 0.28 recently the XBMC route isn't working very well and support and further devel for ATV2 has died. I can make KODI 14.0 play Mythtv 0.28 recordings but com skipping no longer works like the old days. I need to consider other options. Thanks Scott

jtucker133 years ago
Hello, I found this very helpful and just what I needed for my home grown system. Thank you for you for posting it.

I have implemented this process with MythTV and Apple TV and I am running into a situation with iTunes running while the Scheduled Tasks need to be running. For Home Sharing iTunes must be running but if it is running the SynciTunes powershell script cannot gain access to the iTunes object and do what it needs to do against Myth TV and DB.

If iTunes is running I will get the "Unable to obtain a reference to iTunes and it's TV Library. Exiting...

I have added iTunes.quit() to finally but this renders Home Sharing useless because iTunes must be running for any devise to access it.

Any help with this would be great, I realize that this Instructable is pretty old.