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Diane8254 years ago
Colored you made an air freshened out of a nutella lid and what you called a PSU grid. I cannot find that PSU grid anywhere, I am trying to purchase one for a Mimi charcoal altoid grill. Do you know where and exactly what it is I need to find.
I really appreciate it
colorex (author)  Diane8254 years ago
Hi Diane!

A PSU is the metallic box that converts electricity for desktop computers. The grid you see is the cover for the fan/cooling unit from that PSU (Power Switching Unit).

The PSU I got it from was very old - almost 10 years. Nowadays, they just punch holes right out of the sheet metal instead of putting a grid over it, like this:


You might be able to find a grid like this, if you go to a computer fixing place, and show them this image, and explain that you want only the grid:


You might even get it for free if its an old PSU. I hope you can find what you need!

Thanks for sub!
colorex (author)  patriots88885 years ago
You're welcome!