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M.C. Langer3 months ago

Thanks for the amazing patch!

Computothought (author)  M.C. Langer3 months ago

Your welcome!

N.fletch2 years ago
Hey! Thanks for the patch; it was generous and I appreciate it!
Computothought (author)  N.fletch1 year ago
Your welcome.
Thanks for the patch I really felt it went unnoticed.
Your welcome!
A belated "Thanks" for the patch!
Computothought (author)  brazilero20082 years ago
Your welcome..
sath022 years ago
Thanks for the path.
Computothought (author)  sath022 years ago
Your welcome.
Computothought (author) 2 years ago
Recent comment from another site:

Hi Geeks,
Greeting from India.
I found your post on instructables to read gmail in cli really cool post Thanks a lot..Keeep Geeking

lordcyphon3 years ago
Heys :) greetings from Germany!
Computothought (author)  lordcyphon3 years ago
Hello lordcyphon.