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ManishG151 month ago

This is my email...


ManishG151 month ago

hi...Can i the application behind this ?

And how is it helpful for the society?

jn1263 years ago
Hi Adam,
your project is amazing.
I am trying to understand the mechanical part of
the design.
It seams that you use 2 different materials for molds:
One is translucent silicone RTV and the second is
PU Silen 8014, which is beige or brownish white.

1. Is Silen rubbery and flexible like silicone or rigid
like PVC or polyethylene ?
2. What material you use for finished parts, it looks
chalk white, different color than Silen ?
If the color difference is due to lighting, wouldn't
the flexibility required for mold be too flimsy for
finished part ?
3. In the small U-shape piece with 8 bearings, how do you
keep the bearings from falling out, do you glue the
outer races of bearings in after assembly or do you use long screw
going through both linkages and both bearings with a nut ?
4. On bigger U-shaped pieces, one end is attached to the servo arm,
how did you design the second pivot ?
Did you glue bearing to the bottom of the servo with clearance
for M3 nut ?
5. Can you post your .dwg or .dxf drawings even if they are different
then the finished design ?
There is a lot to learn from your project, thank you in advance

John Nickel jn126@yahoo.com