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TobyMobias3 years ago
A reply to your post on "Levitation photography" because the CAPTCHA won't work.

If you just did it with a greenscreen, you would either need to do live lighting along with the greenscreen's, which is tricky for those who've never done it before, or edit the photo in photoshop anyway to make the lighting right. So, either way it's actually a lot more of a hassle than the instructable showed.
damionflynn (author)  TobyMobias3 years ago
I think I am a little more confused, but thanks :)
I looked into greenscreening a few years ago for some "fun stuff" and I never got into it but I thought it looked relatively easy with the tools available. I guess it is harder than it looked :)

No problem! Greenscreening is both a great timesaver and a harsh mistress. I've been using it for a few years and still could be loads better at it.

Thanks for being courteous in your reply!