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Hey dana-dxb did you ever make the Honey roasted Nuts for your sister?
Around April 30th you You commented on my Instructable “Morning Protein with Eggs and Spinach.” I wanted to let you know I am giving away FREE at my website a 16 page e-book all about breakfast; “Breakfast to Your Health.” Click over and leave your e-mail on the contact form and write in the subject: free e-book and I will get it right off to you. The e-book is free, nothing to buy. Here is the link: www.savorthefood.com
Thanks for the follow. If you wish to view my blog it's Fun with Food.
dana-dxb (author)  savorthefood3 years ago
way thank u and your welcom
i will take a look at it coz you nuts recipy is so good and im gona make it for sister in low after she have her baby its healthy and full of nutritious
so thaks for the share
Your welcome and I hope you enjoy the Roasted Honey and Nuts recipe!! :)
M3G3 years ago
Thanks for following!
dana-dxb (author)  M3G3 years ago
u r welcome