• How to remove a GPS disabler from a vehicle.

    First of all. It is Illegal to Remove this device. They can Repo your vehicle if and when they find out that you've removed it. Even if you made all your payments. You can be charge and also be sent to jail. I would not recommend doing this. It might suck to have this on your car but if you make your payments on time for 1 year and you're building your credit you can get away from this bank and move to a better lender without these conditions and better rates.the GPS system is meant to secure their investment.You don't have this because you're a bad person. You have this device because no one else would lend you money and these companies Gave an offer that was worth it for them to lend you money so you can drive a car to work just like everyone else. They're giving you an opportunity and they will maximize it on their own end because otherwise it wouldn't be worth helping people who suck at paying debts to begin with or people who have never wanted to get any credit.Build up your credit and get a better vehicle and lender. that is the solution to getting rid of the GPS system that's tracking you. the only time they check on you is when you miss payments. stop missing your damn payments. Stop spending your money on things that don't benefit you. You need to build your credit and you should pay your debts on time. They paid out your loan immediately without meeting you and you can't do the same?they helped you. pay them back and get rid of them asap.

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