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It was with great enthusiasm I read your DIY BookScanner Instructable. I've started a new blog on making information available to the public and I've written a post that highlights your scanner and your website. I know you are very busy, but if you get a chance, check it out:


On a different topic: I was especially fond of your emphasis on reusing and recycling and dumpster diving. Of particular interest was step #38 where you found an old camcorder.
I too am very fond of acquiring old technolgy and salvaging parts. In fact, I have several camcorders awaiting their "autopsie". The problem I have is, after dissecting my first specimen I found that A.) it was very difficult to break in to and B.) I was dissapointed with the small number of salvageable parts.
The back portion was very much like the inside of a VCR and I salvaged pretty much the same parts as such. I also saved the optics and a couple of stepper motors that controlled the zoom feature of the lens.
Did I miss something of importance? Is there a "trick" to opening these guys up?
After reading the fine details of your book scanner Instructable, I think you would be a highly qualified cadidate to write a few Instructables on dissecting some of the more common disposed electronics including old camcorders.

KnexFreek6 years ago
i might build a knex book scanner...... it will take months to make....
Toxicity7 years ago
Yo from gold beach! looking forward to seeing more.
daniel_reetz (author)  Toxicity7 years ago
yo yo!! There will be more in the next month or two... have to put up some lazer-stuff soon. ;)
Great work on winning the laser!. Congrats. BTW, the book scanner is pretty sweet.