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jfc1152 years ago
Hey have you received your prize for winning the autodesk design challenge? I am also a winner and I have not received a prize. Well anyway congrats on winning I truly loved your design (I am a very messy person)
darman12 (author)  jfc1152 years ago
I received the Instructables prize pack, but I have not received my 3D print. I actually emailed Instructables about this a couple of days ago.

Congrats to you as well. I appreciate the compliment :) Your design was pretty neat too.
faziefazie2 years ago
Thank you for following me. Greeting from Indonesia :)
darman12 (author)  faziefazie2 years ago
Hey, no problem! I enjoy your instructables :)
fozzy133 years ago
Thanks for following me! : )
darman12 (author)  fozzy133 years ago
No problem! Your projects are interesting :)
darman12 (author) 4 years ago
Have you seen my latest instructables?
gg12204 years ago
Haha thanks for subscribing! Hope school's going well for ya :)
darman12 (author)  gg12204 years ago
It's going good so far! We are doing the thing where we are replying on multiple pages, lol!
gg1220 darman124 years ago
Heh yeah, it's gonna get confusing...
darman12 (author)  gg12204 years ago
Hi! It's okay, I will give NotDaMomma a new gift code. Thank you for your honesty. I seem to be a Pro magnet and I have plenty. IF you needed it I am glad you have it.
darman12 (author)  craftknowitall4 years ago
Ok, thank you SO much! I felt really bad, I am glad you are not mad! I try to be honest all the time. Just curious, how do you attract them? Kinda funny.
Your patch made me laugh out loud. How do I "attract pro memberships"? Well I joined Instructables one year ago this coming Halloween. During that time I have published 118 instructables ( I have 3 more in the works and 11 unpublished for one reason or another). If the Instructable you publish is featured, they give you 3 months of Free Pro Membership. If your featured Instructable is put on the front Page, they give you 1 year free Pro Membership. 61% of my Instructables have been featured and a good share of them have been on the front page. Then if you enter contests and win any level of prize including Runner up, you earn a Robot t-shirt (or an apron is it is a food contest) with another 1 year free Pro Membership. I have 10 years lined up for myself and you don't have to use all the Pro memberships yourself. You can give them away. If I were to keep all my Pro memberships for myself and didn't earn any more, I would have to live to be 115 before I use them all up. So I decided to find people who don't have a Pro who follow me or comment on one of my Instructable and I give them a free year Pro. I take it you didn't have one, so now you do. Keep publishing Instructables, enter contests, and enjoy your Pro membership.
darman12 (author)  craftknowitall4 years ago
Haha, I'm glad it made you laugh. That is VERY impressive; 118 in one year!