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Amazing, you too wish to build a machine capable of self replication, if you do beat me to creating such a machine it should have firmware programmed in so that is the first thing it does, then its babies shall overflow the world with well meaning but ultimately terribly destructive CNC machines...
davidbuzz (author)  killerjackalope8 years ago
hehehe! Um.. no. [humor...]I think I'll instigate a http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/One-child_policy for any self-replicating machines I build. Oh, hang on... that's not going to work either is it... dang.!
But now we have both thought the idea their system is already working, look at the monster that has been created maybe they could have a shelf life so they populate but die and their parts are rcycled in to new ones so it works like a country population... quickly we must destroy the skynet CNC machine...

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