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March 30, 2009
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  • dawp commented on Honus's instructable Convert old cordless tools to Lithium power2 months ago
    Convert old cordless tools to Lithium power

    That sounds like a great idea. In reading the comments i particularly liked the corded to 12 V lead acid as the most expedient. I converted an old 19.2 V Coleman Powermaster electric drill the quick and easy way:WARNING: do not attempt to recharge this kluge. When the drill no longer has power replace the AA batteries. 1 opened the battery case (six screws) and removed the NiCad battery pack.2 found i could fit three Radio Shack four AA adapters into the case. 3 wired them in series and connected them to the battery tool connections.4.bought enough packs of Lithium Energizer batteries to get 12 AA cells. (around $30.00). 12 x 1.5 = 18.6V (note the original batteries are 1.2V and there are 12 of them) The slightly lower voltage doesn't appear to affect performance. 5. inserted them into the AA adapters then closed up the case.6. plugged the case into the drill in the usual way. I do not use the drill very often and it is mainly light duty stuff. I found the original NiCad (or maybe they were NiMH) died over time even when regularly recharged and the drill was never usable when needed. I did this over a year ago and the drill is still ready. As stated in the beginning I have heard that attempting to recharge non-rechargeable lithium batteries is dangerous.. I don't intend to try it just to see what happens. I have a Black an Decker weed whacker with a similar problem. Both 19.2 V battery packs i got with it have died. I would do the corded 12V and 6V in series trick with it. Maybe it could take 24 volts (two 12V in series) but why risk burning up a $99,00 device. Note a couple of hi powr 3V zeners in the string might be acceptable. Regards: DavudI

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