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flacowww8 years ago
i love the idea and want to make it myself but couldn't see everything clearly can you dumb it down for me please without sarcasm too lol
lucridious8 years ago
Dude, totally freaking sweet. I made one, and took it to school. Drove my classes nuts! I ended up giving it to my digital electronics teacher though. He loved it! Anyways, what kind of batteries would be required for a bigger buzzer?
Mahem878 years ago
man you are a champ
carbon9 years ago
And what exactly is wrong with the Vitrual Boy? *left eye rolls backward*
carbon carbon9 years ago
Also: Love the look of the headache machine. Also also: Switches have power over people: "Go on, press it. It won't do anything to you." "I don't know, man; It has a switch."