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hollyyama5 years ago
Hello, Awesome Idea for pontoon floats. I am going to build quite a large pontoon boat, that would need to hold a larger weight capacity (it will be a mini-houseboat) I was wondering, Could I make a design similar to yours and fill it with polystyrene ($260 per 10 cubic feet), by dock floats and wrap them ($191 for a 48"x48"x20") or is there a less expensive option that you have come across? Could soda bottles hold a 10,000 plus weight capacity if there are enough of them?
deceiver (author)  hollyyama5 years ago
These ideas sound possible I suppose. I toyed with the idea of poly and covering it with fiberglass cloth and resin but never followed up on it.

As far as bottles are concerned. my 2400 bottles would have kept 8000 lbs afloat... with the deck at water level mind you but afloat non the less. So, something larger with bottles definitely could work.
Thanks! I guess I have some math ahead of me. Really appreciate it!