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April 22, 2012
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  • Privacy monitor hacked from an old LCD Monitor

    O.T. So why isn't it used in gas chambers?

    It needs be a laptop with an LCD screen. My initial hunt to find such a thing came up empty but if one is found I'll bet I can do it and probably will.

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  • Privacy monitor hacked from an old LCD Monitor

    To finish a thought. I'd buy such a modded laptop. :-)

    That was exactly the image I had of myself in a coffee shop. I would pay for that. What a hoot!

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  • Privacy monitor hacked from an old LCD Monitor

    That was exactly the image I had of me with one in a coffee shop. What a hoot that would be! And bloody useful too. I just don't have the skills to dig into a laptop display and do surgery.

    Might there be a way to work this into a laptop that has an LCD display? That's what I'd like to take to the coffee shop!

    So if you have a laptop with an LCD (I think the old "Netbooks" did) should you be able to do this with perhaps an OS driver hack rather than a hardware mod? That's what I'd love to have to take to the coffee shop. Fully installable without hardware mod would be so cool!

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  • dgateley commented on simon.w.nordberg's instructable Binaural head for stereo recording4 months ago
    Binaural head for stereo recording

    You've inspired me to take a new look at an old problem that halted some promising investigations a while back. I actually need to get a casting of my full ear canal including the ear drum. Tricky deal, that. I'd been using a silicone casting material to capture my canal and an otoblock to stop it just short of the drum. Close, but no cigar. My project is to capture the precise characteristics of my ears so that tiny Knowles mics placed real close to my ear drum become recording devices that I can use with measurement and subsequent DSP to capture all kinds of things and transform them into other realistic things with very high fidelity and verisimilitude.The silicone models I've been using are imperfect near the eardrum and that creates serious repeatability problems which is the bane of this work. Bane enough to have halted progress for damn near two years because I was unwilling to risk my ear drum to pressure detachment using silicone.What I am going to do based on this article is use the molds I have to work out an alginate mix that sets up with the right characteristics and then use that to cast the full length of my ear drum. The right characteristics include the ability to extract it intact from the (airtight) silicone mold with the ability to break the seal somehow to spare the drum. Should there be extraction difficulty, any residue is easily removed by a water flush. That way I can monitor and respond appropriately to over-pressure at my drum and abort with flush if need be.Thanks for spurring me forward.

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  • dgateley commented on hawcrofta's instructable Paracord Cord Reinforcement4 months ago
    Paracord Cord Reinforcement

    Really, really excellent and elegant idea! Wrap a molded wad of Sugru to where it abuts the connector and you've got some serious security too.A keeper for sure.

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