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July 21, 2010
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  • Firing natural clay WITHOUT A KILN

    Hi Saranya...that Bangalore clay sounds awesome. The hard part is removing the stones and roots from raw clay. If you're lucky, you won't have to add any other ingredients for the clay to fire well. A technique I enjoyed was to use a low-temperature white clay and put a bottle green fluid glaze over it. I made a little plaster cast of a clay slab with shells, seaweed added to it. The fluid glaze 'pools' in the hollows and lets the texture of the clay show through. Kind of like looking through water :) This also works well for small objects. The decoration you do would work brilliantly under a green glaze. If you need more info on anything, I'll be glad to help. You might already know that you can fire glazed pieces in a normal microwave oven. It uses small a lidded container with graphite painted on part of the inside. Firing takes about 15 minutes! Carry on creating!

    A superb instructable - thank you! I love your clay textures. Are you able to give us more info about the clays you use please? Do you dig and prepare your own clay or buy it or both :) One method I enjoyed was to throw a cylinder on the wheel, with a lid. In would go charcoal, pine cones, copper wire, iron oxide, some low temperature frit glaze, wood ash, some perlite and then put the lid on and fire to 1300 C. The sculpture was the the result of such an enclosed container firing.Keep up your creativity!

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      • Firing natural clay WITHOUT A KILN
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