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  • dlga commented on linnea_a's instructable Blueberry Syrup1 year ago
    Blueberry Syrup

    thanks...I may have to scale it up somewhat since this was today's harvest, but the principle should be the same?

    can I ask for the two grammes of citric acid in teaspoons?ThanksDenise

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  • Safety harness for dog to ride in pickup truck bed

    difficult one good idea as long as you don't which case the battersea dog home advice is the best way... Smelly interior and safe dog...a grill in rear to stop him going through the windscreen, and your good harness attached to seat belt?

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  • dlga commented on ST NZ's instructable Raspberry and Blackberry Cordial1 year ago
    Raspberry and Blackberry Cordial

    Well ....Yours is the kosher method.. Your cordial will keep!! And anyone can do it with the kit you have listed.I normally use the WMF juicer which does the job to a tee, let's you bottle hot juice or cordial into oven heated bottles and replicates your method.

    cheats way...put tayberries into elderflower cordial and shake daily ...a week later...good fruit to eat as well as the tayberry and elderflower cordial.... But I had made 25l of the sweet elderflower cordial by infusion as well in the tthiswas an experiment

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