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Sorunome11 months ago

Thanks for subscribing!

What made you to

dozer789 (author)  Sorunome11 months ago
I think your a pretty cool guy! (Or gal :D) I also like your instructables.
Sorunome dozer78911 months ago
Guy, hehe
And thanks ^.^
dozer789 (author)  Sorunome11 months ago
Your Welcome. I also figured you were a guy, but I was too lazy to look at your profile to find out. (More like I didn't think of it :D)
Sorunome dozer78911 months ago
Hehe, my profile wouldn't exactley help you out on that matter anyways :P
dozer789 (author)  Sorunome11 months ago
You said that you were are guy, but I looked at your profile, and it says female. Explain that. :)
Sorunome dozer78911 months ago
I set it there to female for the fun, lol. I don't think anybody really noticed it because nobody really checks that anyways >.>
dozer789 (author)  Sorunome11 months ago
Why did you put in false info then? :P
Sorunome dozer78911 months ago
I thought it was funny :P
dozer789 (author)  Sorunome11 months ago
Lol. Do you spend all day on instructables? Or just on your computer?
Sorunome dozer78911 months ago
Computer, and I get instant email notifications on instructables comments, which results in a pop-up on my end :)
dozer789 (author)  Sorunome11 months ago
Yeah, I get an email too. What kind of programming languages do you know?
I currently know c# real well, and I'm learning HTML and CSS right now. When I'm done with my website I'm working on, I'll start learning JavaScript, etc.
Sorunome dozer78911 months ago


Lemme get started:
I learned programming on my graphical calculator (TI-84+), in the built-in BASIC dialect there, TI-BASIC.
Later on I learned a more low-level, compiled, language developed by the community for it, called Axe.
At some point I also learned grammer, another community developed language for it.

Around that time, a bit sooner actually, i self-taught me HTML and CSS, even though I wouldn't count them as programming languages that was still an important point in my programming carreer: Because of that I started writing a own website and pretty soon went dynamic by learning PHP. I also learned some MySQL and JavaScript for it, just recentley also jQuery.

For the computer I also know C++, Python and Lua. They are all so much fun! (Ok, it's been quite some time since I did C++).

If you count regex as a language, go for it, add another language to the ones i know :)

So yeah, some of my current projects:

My website:
Instructables Enhancer:
OmnomIRC, a web-browser chat client which connects to real IRC:
Various IRC bots

Wow, that was a long comment, hope you found it interesting :)

dozer789 (author)  Sorunome11 months ago

Looks like you know a lot of programming languages. How old are you anyways?

Sorunome dozer78911 months ago
I'm 17, and started programming like 3 years ago or something.