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  • dresch commented on TinkerJim's instructable Wooden Finger Engine4 months ago
    Wooden Finger Engine

    Hi Dr. Senft,Great Instructable and video. I saw your article in Nuts & Volts on the CSS555 and then went to your Instructables list. (To those who are reading this, Dr. Senft invented, among other things, the type of "coffee cup" low delta-T Stirling engine you see all over, including in Instructables.) You really should publish a collection of your articles from Live Steam in a book including the steam powered Tonka truck, the Moriya Fan, the thimble engine and that wonderful little O-gauge train. I think a whole new generation of builders would enjoy that immensely. Thanks for continuing to put forth such awesome projects. -Bill

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  • dresch commented on lushi042's instructable A Beginner's Guide To Stirling Engines1 year ago
    A Beginner's Guide To Stirling Engines

    Awesome Instructable, even if I did have to look up IB and MYP. ;-)This is a Senft Stirling engine, first conceived and developed by Dr. J. R. Senft of University of Wisconsin River Falls, during a friendly competition with Dr. Ivo Kolin of University of Zagreb in the 1980's to build an engine that would run on the lowest temperature differential. Dr. Senft, an awesome machinist as well as a mathematician, was an inspiration to me as a teenager reading Live Steam magazine, and one of the reasons I became an engineer. A neat illustration of the engine and the story behind it is here: and keep on making Instructables!

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