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djliam2 years ago
Hi. Sorry to bother you, you were recommended to me by a friend who said you may be able to help.
I am currently attempting to build a MIDI to USB controller, using 5 push buttons which send MIDI code down USB to be picked up by MIDI controlled software (Ableton Live etc), and also which has LEDs to work as MIDI returns as feedback from the software. I have both an Arduino Uno, and a Teensyduino 2.0, and 5 LED illuminated push buttons. I have trawled through Google but can't find anything that may be of use to me. I was just wondering if you could possibly offer any assistance with either of these 2 boards? I dont mind which I use for the controller.
Thanks in advance.
pop1234 years ago
is it possible to make the stylophone multi touch??
jack11974 years ago
11618585 years ago
id love to see how you built your rfid reader
drj113 (author)  11618585 years ago
I will get there - The reader was built up to the level that I needed to get a string of bits out of - then I could focus on the card - There is much coding needed yet to get it to produce useful data
1161858 drj1135 years ago
thats cool no rush
Dipankar5 years ago
Hi drj113,
Thank you for subscribing to me.
I have many things to learn from you.
With best of luck and best wishes.

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