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  • Building Quadcopters, Drones and Uav's- A explanation and easy build of a basic Quad.

    HiI would download the manual for your board if you don't already have it and check the signal flow. Also have you paired your remote with the receiver? You can download instructions on how to do this usually from where you bought your remote and receiver. Also there is an arming safety function which the manual should explain how to unlock. Also check the wires go to the correct pins on the input and output sides then check if the esc wires are around the right way. Check all your escs are connected to the battery and the other 3 small wires with a servo plug are connected the right way around to the board.Also some escs have to be calibrated so if you haven't done that maybe try that as well. Hopefully if you try these things you can find the source of your problem. Eben89

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