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antoniraj2 months ago

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JediDude62052 months ago

Could you send me an email? I am working on a wrist detection project and would like to use your color sensor in my project, but I don't know how to do somethings with it. my email is

Thanks for any help you can provide

electro18 (author)  JediDude62052 months ago

What project are you exactly working on ? Is it fine if we interact through instructables PMs ?

thats fine. Im working on a forearm rotational sensor for my regional Science fair. The Idea was that I would wear a wrist band with 4 different colored leds (place diagonal of each other) and I would place my arm in a octogonal-torus shape with 8 of your sensors placed in each segment of the inside of it. By detecting the different color leds, it would be able to tell what my postition of my wrist is, and allow my InMoov arm to rotate the same way as my hand.

electro18 (author)  JediDude62052 months ago

Correct me if I'm wrong, so you want to detect the exact position of your wrist using the feedback given by color sensors ? This method would be too complex and may not prove to be quite effective. Rather you may use an IMU ( inertial measurement unit ) which would provide you upto 9 DOF. One option is that you use MPU-6050 accelerometer and gyroscope board, this would give you exact results so that you can accurately measure the acceleration and tilt angle of your wrist. I'm sure this would help you to accurately map the position of you wrist, in addition you can also feed the raw data to processing IDE which would then allow you to virtually test the movements and debug your code. Hope this helps :)

lindarose925 months ago

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electro18 (author)  lindarose925 months ago

Your ideas are really creative ! :)

Specially the lamps !

Oh thank you, I am honored! I wish I knew something about electronics because your ibles look really good too!! :)

electro18 (author)  lindarose925 months ago

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fozzy137 months ago

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electro18 (author)  fozzy135 months ago

Your creations are simply awesome ! :)

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