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Howdy from sunny Arizona!

In case you didn't notice, your A-35 Doomsday device has inspired me to create something similar. thank you! See it here:


I build scale models, and this is my first foray into 1:1 scale, i.e. movie props. Now, I just have to find the movie, before those guys in the dark suits catch up to me...

ewout (author)  gizmologist1 year ago
Hello Gizmologist...

Seriously WAUW!!
You did some awesome work there in great detail, if I am not mistaken I see a lot of things from my A35 back in your device.
The casing itself, the shape of the "bulkheads" in between and even the way it was shot on video. Gotta love it!! Yours got even sound effects, it looks great with the laser cut panel and big switches and buttons. (love your stickers too) Your core seems also more legit in therms of looks, due to the fact that everything that looks like that seems scary just by knowing what it can do.

I love also the fact that it was made from open source tech, its more configurable and much smaller. (Something I kinda missed on my system)
Some ideas I still have is to make it wireless (433mhz modules) with a remote or something else.

I am truely  honoured that you we're so inspired by my device. I hope you did have great fun making and using it for peaceful purposes. (indeed your warning of NOT taking it with you in public places is so true)
Thanks again for showing me this, please make more awesome stuff for us all.

With regards, Ewout...


I was not trying consciously to copy you, but movie nukes all look about the same in general outline... I don't know about smaller, it's 22 inches long!

Same as you, the rest of the inspiration came from movies such as "the Peacemaker," "Broken Arrow," and particularly "The Manhattan Project," which had the most believable Nuke of all.

I'm planning to take this to a model contest in about a week, but I'm going to run it by my club first, and see if they think it's a good idea. Of course, the last contest I went to, I won first prize with a 1:1 scale grenade, so I'm kinda known now... Muahahaha! I'll let you know if I win any prizes (or if they're coming to take me away, ha-ha).

Two minor typos on the (thank you) HDMI article :

After a a few wires you could be in for a suprice, some of the wires can bearly make (surprise, barely). Thanks !!
deathshells7 years ago
the ratchet and clank gun you made is amazing... gonna make that when i can get my hands on the materials... small question when are you (if you are) gonna make more ratchet and clank stuff. that game is verily goooood. (brilliant instructables by the way!)
ewout (author)  deathshells7 years ago
Hello Deathshells... At this point Iam starting another project where unforsanitly Ratchet isnt involved. For now I just want to wait until the new game is realist in Europa. (and I believe that will happen at the end of this year.) Till then I just want to wait...
cool im kinda waitin for it as well... ill be expecting something EPIC! lol anyway good luck!

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