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Nastan6 years ago
 I have made a new Instructable for people who want to create a private server on mac because yours is outdated. And I also did it because of the update to 3.2.2, MacPack has been updated so that only Snow Leopard can make a server so I made it for MacPack 13.1!
boaskater6 years ago
 on step 6 where do you find the opt file?
mvo037 years ago
wen i start server on mangos x it comes up with and here is the error dyld: Library not loaded: /usr/local/mysql/lib/libmysqlclient_r.15.dylib Referenced from: /opt/mangos/bin/mangos-worldd Reason: image not found plz respond
zoonage8 years ago
'' (61) cannot connect in test connections any ideas?
Titi78 years ago
I had done all the tutorial but at the end, when i want to connecte to my serveur, I have this message "Unable to validate game version. This may be caused by file corruption or the inteference of another program".

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