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sabu.dawdy8 months ago

congrats on the mexican contest ;) way to go girl :D

faiza007 (author)  sabu.dawdy3 months ago

thank you so much friend ! :)

Passion Make4 months ago

Thank you for following :) Great 'Ibles you have got.

sabu.dawdy8 months ago

wow missy. congrats hun

Congrats Faiza! it was quite predictable that you & Tarun are paracord contest winners! :p

Thank you so much Faiza for the beautiful shining patch :)

hunter9999 months ago

Thanks for following!! I appreicaite it a lot! :D

faiza007 (author)  hunter9999 months ago

thanks for following me..! :D

No problem faiza, you deserve it! :-) You post some awesome, detailed and intresting 'Ibles. Keep it up :D

Congratulations sis! I'm really happy for you especially for the snow contest cuz you were so worried! Fingers crossed (will be judging the comfort food finalists!)

faiza007 (author)  Muhaiminah Faiz10 months ago

thank you so much muhna..!! and a big congratulations to you too..i wish you all the best for both the contests..! :)
and yes m so happy that we made it to the finals of snow contest..i was pretty much sure that the paper snowflake wall art you made will be a winner..but anyways beaded snowflakes were equally good.. ;)

Seriously sis, you should participate in the next Indian Masterchef!

faiza007 (author)  Muhaiminah Faiz10 months ago

oh muhaiminah..!that is very kind of you..
you always appreciate me..and i like that.. :)

Don't mention it, I'm always eager to see your ibles :)