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Hephestus8 years ago
When u gunna post ur spitfire lol
ferrari484 (author)  Hephestus7 years ago
it is posted last Sunday
ferrari484 (author)  Hephestus7 years ago
I am sorry i already broke it down but next time i make 1 i post it
ferrari484 (author)  ferrari4847 years ago
i am thinking to rebuild it and post is i don't know when
if you had more pics i would try and make it and say u built it lol its a good plane
ferrari484 (author)  Hephestus7 years ago
How about this, it has weels that fold in and the nose looks even better. I am still improving it and the teal still has to be done
DSC06021.JPGDSC06022.JPGDSC06023.JPGMesserschmitt en Spitfire.jpg
it looks awesome but 1)i probably wont have enough parts 2)the spitfire is the best plane in history 3)cant wait for this though
it hang above my bed and that is craziness
haha i did that once and woke up about 3am looked up and and a knex plane came crashing down on me ,pieces all over the place
i don't hope that's gona happen
haha dont blame ya
i am sorry to tell you this but also have build the pinball machine and still got parts left so i probably got enough for to planes wha ha ha ha.......... o and if you want more knex buy 2end-hand that is mutch cheaper i did that to
ferrari484 (author)  ferrari4847 years ago
enough for to planes
enough for 2 planes
ferrari484 (author)  Hephestus7 years ago
i think i got like 3 or 4 pics and i am still rebuilding it
Ok....that looks amazing way better than the 1st one, you better post instrutions for this one!!!