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daymare713 years ago
Can you explain how these work for those of who don't camp in the snow. I'm very interested to see how these work, when would you need them (beside there being snow), what do you use with them to hold the tent to the ground/snow etc....

It is very impressive idea, do you have a engineering background to design this or what it just one of those common sense type of projects? Either way, you should show this to extreme camping companies and maybe you can sell this idea to them.
firestarter0082 (author)  daymare713 years ago

A few others asked the same question so I've added a final step which should cover this or at least give you a few ideas on how they might be used. They're pretty much only used for snow since standard tent stakes easily pull out due to the lack of surface area/resistance. No engineering background, once you do a few snow camping trips it'll quickly make sense and now that I don't use a tent (just a tarp) proper rigging is a must :-) As for marketability there's a few commercial snow anchors out there but I prefer the process of making my own gear and it's a lot cheaper.