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raidengl6 years ago
I've been designing in sketchup for closed to a year now so am quite familiar with the program. I followed all the steps to export my design in to inkscape as an svg and it seems to work until I import the svg in to the P2 template and it comes out way too small. I would think it would import same size as it was in sketchup or I would hope it would since I went to great lengths to put accurate measurements and line spacings in it. Based on your tutorial I shouldn't have to scale it to fit the Ponoko template. The design in Sketchup was done in inches so I figured that I should try exporting as inches but when I do the design comes out really funny with the line widths way bigger then they should be. I even tried going in to the info part of my sketchup design and changing it to decimal notation and MM to see if that helped but it didn't. Any suggestion as to what I'm doing wrong would be greatly appreciated
flightsofideas (author)  raidengl6 years ago
Thanks for your comment - I have forgotten to post about this:

Inkscape (prior to version 0.47) has a funny way of importing SVG files (it's as if if converts to pixels using a different DPI). The good news is that this bug has been fixed and you can download Inkscape from here:

For a quick work around without downloading new software - select your design once it's imported into the Ponoko template then goto Object->Transform (from the menu). Scale your design by 283.465% for both width and height. This should scale your design to the correct size.
SpiroExDeus7 years ago
This will be invaluable when it comes to designing stuff for Ponoko. I was planning on making some lampshades and stuff.. quite simple designs but this would make them even simpler... and I have the advantage that I already have Adobe Illustrator (work gave it to me - which is a good thing because I never really got on well with inkscape).
flightsofideas (author)  SpiroExDeus7 years ago
Thanks. You should check out http://flightsofideas.com/?p=572 for the updates that I've made to the plugin.

SketchUp is good for getting your 3D model and dimensions correct - and then if you use Illustrator for the detailed work on the SVG file then you should be able to create some great designs.
flightsofideas (author) 8 years ago
The second half of my instructable is now complete!
flightsofideas (author) 8 years ago
About a week until my Ponoko materials arrive - and my next Instructable is started...
flightsofideas (author)  flightsofideas8 years ago
The materials are here - for a sneak peak: