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~KGB~3 years ago
Please rate my ball machine to help me win the toy challenge!
Hey, are you floris2brun from sscoasters?
floris2burn (author)  Michaelgoode3 years ago
There's only one floris2burn

so yes..
Haha, I thought so!

Its me MichaelG from SSC
ryry20114 years ago
dude will you send me a patch
floris2burn (author)  ryry20114 years ago
Why would I do that?
because your things are awsome
leuk met wat belgen (vlaanderen) en nederlanders erbij haha
floris2burn (author)  hollandbuilder4 years ago
Waar heb je het over als ik vragen mag? Kan niet volgen.
gezellig deze box... (profiel-chat)
sebergast4 years ago
mooi huis heb je!
RNB4 years ago

Eindelijk een k'nex-er bij DD die ook ballenbanen maakt :-)
Tornado964 years ago
You easily deserved a subscription. I love the walkers.What's your next project?
floris2burn (author)  Tornado964 years ago
A fully automated weight-drop launched shuttle loop.
It involves electronics, not complicated k'nex mechanisms.
You mean a roller coaster shuttle loop? It would be awesome if you could make a version with K'nex motors. Can't wait to see it.