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  • Fix Toe Shoe Holes Cheap & Easy

    I have that problem, too. I use "shoe-goo" shoe repair and it works pretty well. It usually lasts for several months before I have to do it again. It occurs to me that alternating layers of Flex Seal and good quality cloth gaffer's tape would make a very strong, flexible, watertight patch as well.

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  • frankmci commented on vreinkymov's instructable Corrosion Resistant Micro-Bath Heater1 week ago
    Corrosion Resistant Micro-Bath Heater

    You can also do it the old fashioned way by putting the wood in a metal container with a pinhole in it and placing the container in a fire for 10 minutes or so. For such a small piece, you could probably use an altoids tin or an old metal 35mm film can and a blowtourch.

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  • frankmci commented on vreinkymov's instructable Digital Caliper Battery Cover Switch1 week ago
    Digital Caliper Battery Cover Switch

    Excellent and elegant. I'll definitely be doing this!

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  • frankmci commented on Marsh's instructable Dowel Making Jig for your Crosscut Sled1 year ago
    Dowel Making Jig for your Crosscut Sled

    It seems like you'd get smoother, more accurate results if the in-feed side hole is larger than the desired out-feed size. Adjust the blade height to exactly line up with the bottom edge of the out-feed hole. Taper the tip a bit to start it and it should feed through nice and smoothly, with very little vibration on the other side since the exiting dowel very closely matches the guide hole. You might even pass it through a block of foam to be sure to dampen any vibration. At least, it works in my head. :) I'll have to give it a try tomorrow. Thanks for sharing!

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