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the batch code that you wrote for me about a batch file remembering text the last time it was run

@echo off &setlocal
for /f "skip=7 tokens=*" %%i in ('type "%~0"') do set "txt=%%i"
if defined txt echo Your last input was "%txt%".
set /p "x=Your new Input: "
if defined x echo %x%>>"%~0"
goto :eof

What Does It Mean...
g-one (author)  Psychic Master6 years ago
Its just an exemple. The last line "goto :eof" means go to end of file and exit. Thats why all lines under "goto :eof" will completely ignored by the command line interpreter. This fact is usefull for your intention. All what this batch code will do is
- Check if there is any line under the 7th line. If true, show the last line.
- Write a new line to the end of this batch file (to show it the next time)

Hope that helps.
(BTW Sry for my bad English - I'm from Germany...)
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