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viktorgomex3 years ago
... I enjoyed your humor ... after reviewing your design for a clay oven! I graduated from Soton University long ago ... at that time british beer -nor ales- did not attracted me at all! Have fun, some day Saints -from Soton- will be champions of the premier league!

Nathandlyns5 years ago
Glad you liked the chicken idea it worked realy well for me too. Thanks to your super guide my hog was perfect even got the cracklin just right first time! Will be doing more for sure x
Nathandlyns5 years ago
Wow this is the best advice I have read yet! I'm doing a 55kg pig tomorrow so will let you know how it goes! Also I have one with head trotters and all that and putting a chicken in the cavity as this all is supposed to help with flaver. Fingers crossed x
gerrit_hoekstra (author)  Nathandlyns5 years ago
Thanks to your tip, I stuffed 3 chickens in the hog's cavity and I am pretty sure the meat was juicier and more flavourful as the result. The chickens weren't bad either! (See updated Instructable for pictures)
gerrit_hoekstra (author)  Nathandlyns5 years ago
Would love to hear how adding the chicken turned out - I am doing a Monster Pig next weekend to feed 150 people and might give this a try too.