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DJ Radio5 years ago
Are you still around?
DaNerd116 years ago
Did you give Daz108 a magazine design for his assault rifle? Cause if you did, mind explaining it to me, because really, there is no magazine on the gun and he says there is.
Sunbanks7 years ago
Where's the 41st St. bridge?
blckleprd7 years ago
Hey, a bit of a preemptive apology here: about 45 minutes ago I posted on the forums an idea for using a crankshaft in a gun. In the past minute I have noticed that in another forum topic you have already created a gun out of the crankshaft idea. I assure you that the ideas were independent of each other. Sorry!
hack124x768 (author)  blckleprd7 years ago
No apology needed, great minds think alike. :) I hope you can pull it off better then I did.
could you finish the shot gun please? (it looks awesome)
pates17 years ago
Check K'nex master makers group
Sanityjr7 years ago
Could you please finish the steps on the pump action gun?
BLACKROD7 years ago
Hey Hack124x768, I was wondering about that crankshaft gun. Could you maybe post a couple pictures of like the trigger and things. Its a pretty simple design but it can be improved. Well, I hope you can post pics for everyone. Thanks, BLACKROD
lewigi7 years ago
check this out []
you should post your semi auto, the other goes about as far as the other one, but looks cooler and more adaptable
jetjayjay7 years ago
Hey hack124x768! What's that gun image you posted? It looks really cool. Please post it soon!
hack124x768 (author)  jetjayjay7 years ago
It's not nearly good enough to post. I might make a short video clip of it though. It is a true semi auto gun that fires blue rods from a magazine. It uses a reciprocating firing pin with a trigger that blocks the rotation after each spin.