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noahw7 years ago
And I agree with canida and rachel - please post your project in our halloween contest and see if you can win something cool (apparently we are all sharing the same brain). Costumes, costumes, we want costumes!
houseofdarkly (author)  noahw7 years ago
Thanks :) I will be doing so. I was planning to share some of my techniques here regardless of a contest, but the prizes are really good, lol!
rachel7 years ago
Whoa, I want to see a bigger picture of your user pic! that looks super cool and I'd like to see more of it.
houseofdarkly (author)  rachel7 years ago
Thank you! :)

The short answer, it's a costume I did from a video game and this is the larger version -

If you're really bored, I have more pics and stuff here, lol.
Wow! I agree with Rachel- you should definitely post this!
houseofdarkly (author)  canida7 years ago
I will be entering ASAP :) Thank you for the encouragement!
Wow, now I'm even more impressed. Can I encourage you to post an Instructable on this costume and enter it in our halloween contest? (see for all the details if you haven't already)

You've already done all the work of documenting what you did, you'd only need to take an hour or so to post it to Instructables. I think you have an excellent chance of winning the costume division, this is amazing work.
houseofdarkly (author)  rachel7 years ago
I was convinced already but since your co-workers (I believe?) have also posted I will definitely do so :) (I know the deadline is close but I had a yard to zombiefy.) I'm not sure how to do it exactly, since the costume as a whole is a bit obscure. But the pieces, I know I did some things that would be useful to others as a technique for other costumes. I will think of something :)