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  • hrttele commented on hrttele's instructable Game Show Buzzer Lockout System7 months ago
    Game Show Buzzer Lockout System

    I didn't use any because I got the leds from a flashlight and applied same current as the flashlight and it was fine.

    I'm not sure if there is but I think you might be able to use maybe multiple uno boards but not sure. Never played with a lot of them. Hope you can find it some where online.

    I might have an extra { in there. But play with it. This should work for 4 as long as you wire light 4 into pin 9 and switch 4 into pin 10. Let me know if it works.

    Someone said that there was an extra } at the end of the code. Try removing it and see if it works. Sorry about that. Something must of got lost in coping and pasting the code to here.

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