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hunter999 (author) 8 months ago
To all 'Iblers who have respectfully came here to look at my page or just wondering about my inactivity, I'm sorry to say that I will not be on Instructables no longer until July 2015. This is mostly dues to finals coming up and other events. It hurts me saying this, and I look forward to publishing again in July. Sorry for this.

Thanks for the continued support and thank you Instructables!

Hunter :-)

I'm actually in the same situation... It's a shame... But I'll be back in May. With occasional posts throughout. Happy birthday in a few days!

Thanks for subscribing!

hunter999 (author)  sandroknexmaster2 days ago

No problem! Though I believed I subbed a while back. I may have unfollowed by accident, sorry Sandro. :p

Well there have been some problems with the subscribing system, probably that's the reason.

Thank you for the sub! =D

hunter999 (author)  Raz1r Knex Bull3t2 days ago

No problem! :D

Thanks for subscribing! Means a lot man

hunter999 (author)  Blue Mullet 22 days ago

No problem, though if you scroll down like 4 posts, you commented the same thing lol. I think I may have hit unsub on the app by accident. Sorry bro, keep on K'nexing anyways!

Thanks for subscribing!

Thank you for subscribing to me!


hunter999 (author)  Blue Mullet 220 days ago

I thought I already had! :-) So I fixed the mistake. You're welcome, good luck with your ball machine!

NorthernF8 months ago

Thanks for following me it means a lot I love your bridge investigation and I'm using a similar design to bridge D to build my next ball machine thank you :)

Nice profile! I can't wait to see what you make next:D BTW, thanks for following my creations!

Thanks for sharing with the community,


I was honestly quite surprised when seeing the results of the contest, definitely not what I had imagined, but well, congrats on winning runner up.