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hunter999 (author) 7 months ago
To all 'Iblers who have respectfully came here to look at my page or just wondering about my inactivity, I'm sorry to say that I will not be on Instructables no longer until July 2015. This is mostly dues to finals coming up and other events. It hurts me saying this, and I look forward to publishing again in July. Sorry for this.

Thanks for the continued support and thank you Instructables!

Hunter :-)

I'm actually in the same situation... It's a shame... But I'll be back in May. With occasional posts throughout. Happy birthday in a few days!

Still keeping the absent updated - congrats on reaching 100 subscribers!

NorthernF7 months ago

Thanks for following me it means a lot I love your bridge investigation and I'm using a similar design to bridge D to build my next ball machine thank you :)

Nice profile! I can't wait to see what you make next:D BTW, thanks for following my creations!

Thanks for sharing with the community,


www1398 months ago
(removed by author or community request)
www139 www1398 months ago

ok! I deleted the one up there! I will be happy with any prize!

hunter999 (author)  www1397 months ago

Congratulations on second prize, well deserved!! :D I got my prize today. Look above to see my tee :-)

www139 hunter9997 months ago

wow! Great job!! Thank you for your kind words and the encouragement along the way! We are glad that there are other nice people going through the same suspense and still saying nice things to us. Congrats on your prize!! ;)

hunter999 (author)  www1398 months ago

Haha, we shall see! It would be cool to win 2nd prize or even 1st! :D And I know you'll get a prize for sure. Too bad there is only one instructables t-shirt and 2 of you :-P Awesome job again :-)

www139 hunter9998 months ago

We can share the T-shirt we are close enough in size to share! :-∑ (funny smily face?)

www139 hunter9998 months ago


I was honestly quite surprised when seeing the results of the contest, definitely not what I had imagined, but well, congrats on winning runner up.

hunter999 (author)  emilyvanleemput7 months ago

Sorry for the late reply and my inactivity over the past days.

I too was quite surprised with the egg decorator coming in Grand Prize and some of the other results. But it doesn't really bother me too much. It's the t-shirts that I want over anything else :-)

I'm getting....well got some more K'nex and an awesome t-shirt, I'm fine with it :D

I got my prize today (came rather quick!) and it is your favourite colour!! :-) I also noticed that the text on the back is way larger than my previous t-shirt! Spread the word around!! :D


The shirts are the best :D

l got a purple one as well, but it's kind of 5 sizes too big ;)