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  • Top 5: Awesome Bar Bets You'll Always Win (Probably)

    I know a much funnier one, guaranteed to work every time and with everyone (for the first time):it involves small objects, like coins or matchsticksyou spread a number of them on the table, say 6 to startyou ask your opponent to count them, he/she will say 6you answer: no, you are mistaken, there are 7 (or 5, for that matter)you take away 2, and ask the same question, he/she will say 4you say no, there are 5 (or 3)you repeat the same procedure another time, maybe twicethen you suddenly pop the question: "if you are right, will you buy me a drink ?"your opponent is so fully concentrated on counting the objects he/she sees (not on your question), and will undoubtably impulsively say: "yes"then you simply say: "you are right, so now buy me a drink"

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