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iApple guy (author) 1 year ago
Just a quick update on my website! Iv'e gotten the E-Mail box to work so please use that instead of the Instructables editor. It will make life a lot simpler! I check my E-Mail more then I check my Instructables inbox!

-iApple Guy
iApple guy (author) 1 year ago
Thanks for all of the patches everyone! Just got a notification that I have 10 followers!
iApple guy (author) 2 years ago
WOO HOO!! Just finished making my new website. CHEAK IT OUT!
MrJentis2 years ago
Thank you for following me. Stay tuned for some more awesome instuctables. For more info, you can visit my website at
canucksgirl2 years ago
Hey iApple guy, thanks for following. I like your projects.
thanks for following