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leprecutie3 years ago
hi i was wondering if you could send me the code for this. It wont let me open it for some reason...
icky_unicorn (author)  leprecutie3 years ago
Yeah the link seems to be broken, if you message me your email I will send it to you!
lilred1217@att.net thank you sooo much
kimz213 years ago
hi there, can you send the led cube code to me using an arduino???/ my project is an led cube showing a letter E dancing... and the materials for this project... my email ad is (kimz_reziak21@yahoo.com) tnx..
hi this is vignesh i habe finished the hardware can you send me the code for arduino uno controled 5x5x5 led cube to the mail id : vignesh220ece@gmail.com
hi there icky,
this instructables page of your led cube is really really good,
this will be my first arduino project,
could you please send me your Supplies list and the final code ?
( eddiehoogstraten@hotmail.com )
could you also tell me if the 3-8 line decoders name is correct ? ( MM74HC138
3-to-8 Line Decoder )
once again thank you verry verry much, i have searched to a looot of pages for a led cube that i understud, and your instructable is the one !!
best wishes,
eddie from holland :)