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moulichu998 months ago

hello sir,i need help in making thi as my final year project ,so if u give me your skipe detail so that i can briefly have the concept which helps in completing

ayanatblogfa12 months ago

hello ( in this project http://www.instructables.com/id/Self-Balancing-Rob... )

when i run the program in arduino, in this line

void MostrarDatos(){

Serial.print("DATOS: ");

Serial.print("RollInicial: ");


Serial.print("Roll: ");


Serial.print("RollBueno: ");



i dont have any parameter for print, just i can see X=0

how can i solve this problem?

sumitsmt1 year ago

Sir,thre is some prblm in code...

sir,plz me how to solve this problem?

gberger13 years ago
Hello ihart (I think) I am trying to get a copy of the drawings that are linked to on the following we page:


The link goes to the following URL:


However when I click on the link I get the following: 403 Forbidden Request forbidden by administrative rules.

403 Forbidden
Request forbidden by administrative rules.

Can you please let me know how I can get a copy of the drawing.
THANKS a lot for your great work.

PS my email is gene.berger@gmail.com
ihart (author)  gberger13 years ago
Hey Gene,

That doc link through Instructables never worked. I moved the link in Step4 here:

Step4 shows the file:

Let me know if you make yourself a lift cabinet and post pictures. We still use ours every day and it works great!
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