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zelback13 years ago
Well... It appears that you no longer frequent this website, so I imagine that you've moved on and have probably forgotten about this by now... However, I was wondering if you might have time to tell me if the 25MM Pneumatic Sniper Rifle could be used with a C02 canister, or maybe a scuba tank. I would like to use this to shoot foam plugs during air soft, which also begs the question, if you make the barrel a 6mm barrel in order to accommodate an air soft pellet, would it allow the pressure to escape the gun without damaging it?
Mattrox7 years ago
I'm planning on building a new airgun and I was wanting to get some help  on its design, so I'll explain what I'm planning on doing. Ok first please look at the picture, Now I fill the main tank and  valve-1 stops air getting into the Firing tank. Valve-1 is linked to the bolt action mechinism so that when the bolt is opened the valve is opened when it's closed the valve is closed. So I Open the bolt to put the bullet in and  the firing tank is filled with air, I close the bolt and it closes valve-1 so the main tank is blocked off , then I open valve-2 to to fire. This way you get multiple shots.
The picture is useless so the valve closesest to the right is valve-1, The one closest to the left is valve-2. The smallest chamber is the Firing Chamber, The biggest The Main Chamber.

J Moneyman7 years ago
i have similar icon
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Mr.Roboto8 years ago
Hey do you want to join my new goup called Tactical, but that ok if you don't
rocketbat9 years ago
hmm, a farmiliar sounding username! that of course i would never type into anything! :-)
irwinner (author)  rocketbat8 years ago
Check out my gun made w/ K’nex watch the vid on step#18 2 c it shoot my sniper rod 200ft. this children’s toy is no longer a toy search keyword Knex Gun
iman10 years ago
dude thats my pict