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April 20, 2012
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  • jabelone commented on robotgeek_official's instructable RFID Door Lock With Arduino4 months ago
    RFID Door Lock With Arduino

    Yeah be careful, I recently lost my keys so I decided to "hot wire" my car cause I thought it would be easy, and it was. However, as I found out just before I drove off, the steering wheel on some cars remains *mechanically* locked unless the key is inserted.

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  • Fix an Arduino that only works via USB (blown regulator)

    Hi JabeloneThanks for the quick response! I did buy the exact replacement just for the reason you suggested. I can't say I know enough about the circuit to be able to buy a slightly different regulator and didn't want to also wonder if it needed additional components. Also like you suggested I posted on the Arduino forum to see if someone else may have experienced this. Haven't had a response as yet but I just posted it last night. The link is here: http://forum.arduino.cc/index.php?topic=398667.0I've had 18 views but no responses yet, I figure they just don't want to talk to a Bonehead who shorted out 5 mega's or it's a difficult fix because of all the down stream components that might pull the 5vdc voltage down. Anyways again thanks for the response and posting.

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  • Fix an Arduino that only works via USB (blown regulator)

    Hey,Depending on the regulator you get it might be expecting a certain combination of resistors to set the output correctly. If you got exactly the same one I linked then I'm not sure sorry. I had a quick look at the arduino schematic and I couldn't think of anything else. I would suggest posting on either the arduino or an electronics forum with the exact regulator you bought and your observations. One other thing you could try (which I've done before) is to simply chuck a 5v source onto the 5v rail by supplying it through the 5v pin. If your printer uses an old PC power supply you can tap into the 5v rail on this or you can try putting the regulator separate from the arduino and doing the same thing. If you do this look up the data sheet of your regulator and wire the 12v to the input and the 5v pin to the output.As a last resort or temporary work around you could use an old phone charger and plug it into the arduino.

    Awesome! Glad to hear it Antonio.

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  • Fix an Arduino that only works via USB (blown regulator)

    hello jabeloneThanks for the post. I have 5 mega's sitting around with all the same 5v problem. All were hooked up to a 3D printer at some point and inadvertently have been shorted in the 5vdc circuit. They all still work by USB but not on the 12vdc supplied by the printer power which makes the SD card useless. Anyways I purchased the 5v regulators and replaced 4 of the Mega's regulators with out checking your continuity test prior. ( just started looking for a test recently) You may know more about the circuit than me so here's my observation. Powering the Mega with the Vin pin @ 9vdc I see at the 5vdc Regulator pin 1. 0v pin 2. 2.13vdc pin3. 9vdc. In other words I'm getting only half the 5vdc from the regulator. Have you seen this before? Thanks for any help.

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  • Fix an Arduino that only works via USB (blown regulator)

    Thanks for the article. I could fix my arduino.

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