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I'm an artist and writer; studied languages in college and art after that. I teach painting, sculpture and movies/film. Most of my art is public art sculptures in Colorado. My 500' mural in LA finally had to be painted over after 3 decades due to the over- enthusiastic local graffiti additions.
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    Homemade Magic Shell Recipe

    I like dark chocolate with cayenne it makes for a spicy chocolate really yummy on anything

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    Unusual Uses for Coconut Oil

    Thanks for all the good handy hints but I would like to remind everyone that well peanut butter is generally safe for dogs and pets most nuts are not most specifically almond and pistachio which are lethal two dogs.

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  • Courtesy: The Ultimate Life Hack

    the most polite response would be "my pleasure" which is currently being taught to the plays of the Staples chain of stores

    on behalf of those who benefited from your largesse I would like to thank you. there is a special place in heaven for people who do Secret goodness goodnesses

    I do hope that you have read the be nice policy and this is your best attempt to comply with that requirement . So, if not your best ability to be polite and nice perhaps you would like to rewrite your comment before it is removed as not being nice.

    You could use the phrase "my pleasure". Phrases such as "no problem" or "no worries" come from a similar response in other languages that refers to no obligation incurred. You may just start a new round of good tm manners!

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  • Courtesy: The Ultimate Life Hack

    I did mean 'staring' not just eye contact. The author above mentioned eye contact but it seemed to me that he meant sustained eye contact. I don't like it if I don't want it, and neither does my dog or any of my dogs. I look into my own dogs eyes all the time, also my cat.They look away if they feel like it, too. One must make one's position known via a form of eye contact that basically says,"... I see you." with any other creature, but not sustained eye contact in my opinion. You can be all the expert you like, so am I.

    just be aware that eyeball contact is not always appropriate or polite in every culture and in this country we have many cultures. most importantly with canine companions eye contact is not considered polite.. just FYI...

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  • 3 Things You Can Make From PVC Pipes

    I like the swirl pattern idea and making the wing nut from pvc and a common nut. Brilliant. :D The projects are cool, but I can apply the swirl thing and the wing nut thing to sooo many projects... if I ever get going on them. Mwahahhaah.

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