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OrestH7 months ago

I liked your de-rust your table saw tutorial. I would love to build a cnc plasma cutting table. I can do all the table fabrication but I`m not good with the electronics on how to get it all working. Have you got any comments?

jimustanguitar (author)  OrestH7 months ago
This wouldn't be much different than building a CNC mill or router. You ought to get a GRBL or other Arduino based controller and build your machine following a guide like Inventables publishes for their ShapeOko or XCarve machines.

That's how I plan to build my lasercutter someday.
Yonatan241 year ago


I'm interested what kinds of projects I've uploaded that you like, This is to help me improve my Instructables and also hopefully gain more subscribers!

What kinds of projects I make are your favorite: Flashlight Gadgets, "What's Inside's", How To: Electronics, Soldering gadgets, Anything else?

Your feedback is really appreciated!

Thanks :)


jimustanguitar (author)  Yonatan241 year ago
Hey Yonatan,

I liked your soldering gadgets. There wasn't one huge project in particular that caught my attention, I just like resourceful projects that reuse "junk" because I have a lot of it collected. I also like to follow people who make useful things instead of artsy stuff.

Hope things are well. Take care!