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Sept. 15, 2011
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  • Starlyte commented on jlross61's instructable Kitchen stuck in the 80's !!1 month ago
    Kitchen stuck in the 80's !!

    Mine dates from 10-15 years earlier, and it's got fibre board which is mouldy, so I'm desperate too! Yours' looks like a palace in comparison, and as we've been knocking down walls and the like, it's got bigger (couldn't swing a cat!) but as it's an old house we don't have too many 90² corners to our rooms. I can't get ready made stuff (apart from them being expensive!), as well as 3 doors, one being glass, one an opening to the LR, and a 3rd to the boiler & co. I hope to find some good ideas here, and elsewhere on internet so I spend my nights pouring over kitchens, all perfect, but impossible for mine.Have you thought of paint for the cabinets, and mineral concrete paint on tiles/floors, and so on? There's lots of potentiel in your kitchen, but it does depend on tastes, money, and use.Good luck

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