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Keith-Kid6 years ago
joejoerowley (author)  Keith-Kid6 years ago
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I put the photo into adobe imageready and did a motion tween from black to the picture I think. I don't quite remember exactly sorry. I could do it again if you give me a picture probably. Sorry. Thanks
How did you make your image? Did you use T3h_Muffinator's Drawing With Light Instructable? If yes, how did you make 3 separate colors? RGB LED Lights?
joejoerowley (author)  GorillazMiko7 years ago
Yeah, I use T3h_Muffinator's Drawing With Light Instructable and RGB LED lights. But then I animated in in adobe image ready.
How come your phone number is in your information? I think that's unsafe. :-O
joejoerowley (author)  GorillazMiko7 years ago
Its actually forwarded to my real number. That just an internet based number. The only info you can get from dialing that is my real name. (I wonder what that could be :) I use grand central. its owned by google. Basically you sign up for a number and then enter in your home and cell and office etc and it forwards all of the calls from the special number and rings all of your phones. Its really cool. It is still in beta but it has a digital voice so every time someone leaves a voice mail it gets emailed to me. Also it maps there general location and even allows you to record and embed phone conversations to other websites. But thats just the tip of the ice burg :)
dsman1952767 years ago
thank you for joining my group.
I went to the same surf and tech camp at the same location.
joejoerowley (author)  dogsrcool2me7 years ago
Whats your name? Whats up? Are you going to surf camp at UCSC?
do you know kyle soma?
joejoerowley (author)  dogsrcool2me7 years ago
I am sorry. I don't recognize the name? Did you stay over night? Thanks Joe R
I am not kyle soma. He goes every year and I just went one year so I thought you might know him. I did not stay every night.