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I like what you are trying to do to protect your wine, but their are some problems.

I wanted to tell you that, I was surfing the internet and came across your posting about protecting wine from Earthquakes and I would like to tell you about the QuakeGuardians.
The idea came from me back in 2004 while trying to sleep, I was thinking about building a wine rack under the house and the next thing, being from California was earth quakes. What is out there to help protect wine from earth quakes? “Go to www.QuakeGuardian.com”
So the next morning I started searching online to see what was out on the market.
I came across the wine racks you recommend with 6 ½ degree angled sloped slide rails for
Earth quake safety of wine in the wine rack.
This question I had to ask myself. (Does this really protect wine during a seismic event?)
Well I found out later the question was answered with spectacular results. To make a long story short and with the help of my brother in law, the QuakeGuardian was born.
It started with a coil cord, as the leash and one large metal ring to go around the neck of the bottle, two split rings and a securing pin. I started getting lots of interest here in California.
Now my question needed to be answered and shake testing was done by Anco Engineers.
The President of Anco “Paul Ebanez” helped design the huge shake table at Cal Berkeley.
We had two wine racks on the shake table, one with the QuakeGuardians installed and the other rack had the 6 ½ degree angled slide rails. Well we found that a 6.5 or greater all the bottles had nice loft as they left the wine rack before smashing on the floor in a nice blend of wine and glass. The shake testing was increased up to a 7-8 range magnitude quake.
The Quake Guardian was patented in 2007 and sales have been getting bigger every year.
The new “EDPM” leash for the QuakeGuardian was designed for an Engineer who lives on top of the San Andreas Fault. This leash will take much, much more abuse and will not dry out like a rubber band does.
This is the leash is on the web site. check out the double deep racks on the Testimonial page. click on the PDF.
Two things with the scandinavian racks you have. One problem is the top shelf.
When the bottles stop the back of the bottles flip over backwards and fly off the rack. You need a wire to keep the bottles down and not flip. The other problem you have is when we did testing is if the rings dont move with the bottles thean the bottle moves back to the wall, the ring could drop off the neck of the bottle and when the bottle moves forward, the ring may not be around the neck anymore and the bottles will come crashing out of the rack. I am not saying this will happen all the time. But if you get a medium to large seismic event, this very well can happen!
If you would like to talk about your concerns then email.

You can contact me at ed@quakeguardian.com or call 866-255-3145
We have had people with the angled slide rails buy QuakeGuardians because when it come to the cost and loss of some bottles. Many people will not take that chance and insurance will not pay off 100 percent of your loss.

You know the big one is coming and the question is when!
We have had Clients from Canada to Nashville TN and all through California OR WA.
Take a look when you get a chance.
www.QuakeGuardian.com and ask about bulk pricing dicounts for quantities above 25
1-866-255-3145 also look at www.WineTagIt.com. Much nicer way to display
Ed Schmidt
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Post your bike cooler instructable! Inquiring minds want to know how you did it!